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Short-term Filing of Hard-copy Convictions by Electronic Courts

The Georgia Department of Driver Services is proud of the progress that has been made in moving the courts in Georgia to electronic filing status for DPS-32 Uniform Traffic Citation and DS 912 Failure to Appear documents. Due to some confusion in the past, the following clarification needs to be made at this time:

Once your court has been approved by DDS to file electronically, you should immediately discontinue sending hardcopy convictions to DDS. DDS will return any convictions received from your court in the mail at that point.

If your court software should have an occasion where you are unable to file electronically to DDS and you need to file hardcopy convictions for a period of time, you must immediately notify DDS so that provisions can be made to accept hardcopies in lieu of electronic copies from your court. This notification must be on the DDS-0315R form, must be signed and dated by a court representative, and must be included with each set of hardcopy documents you send to DDS.

It will be your sole responsibility during any period of time when your court files hardcopy convictions versus electronic convictions to insure that once your system is again operational and able to file electronic convictions that no convictions that were filed hardcopy are included in your electronic files transmitted to DDS. Failure to insure this could result in duplicates being processed and possible adverse repercussions to affected Georgia drivers.


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