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Mission Statement

The mission of the Third Party Testing Program is to ensure that participating Driver Training Schools provide equitable, high quality, driver’s license testing.The Third Party Testing Program seeks to maximize customer choice and value for these services.

General Information

The Third Party Testing Program is a statewide program designed to authorize licensed driver training schools who have been approved as third party testers to effectively conduct road skills testing to students who attend a driver training program at the licensed school and who successfully complete thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of actual behind the wheel instruction.

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) certifies the program, trains all instructors, and monitors the compliance of state rules and regulations. State law gives the Department regulatory authority to approve or disapprove any application for certification.

In order to participate as a third party tester, the Driver Training School must have been licensed for two (2) years and actively conducted driver training 30/6.Also the School must complete a Driver Training Third Party Tester Application, along with the Driver Training Third Party Tester Agreement. In addition, it is required that you complete a two-day training session conducted by the Department of Driver Services (DDS) staff, and submit a range and road test route for DDS approval.

Contact Information
Georgia Department of Driver Services
Regulatory Compliance Division
2206 East View Parkway
P.O. Box 80447
Conyers, Georgia 30013
Telephone Number:(678) 413-8743


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