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Third Party Driver Training School FAQ

What is driver training third party tester?
  • A DDS licensed driver training school that has been approved as a third party tester.

What are the qualifications for the third party tester?
  • The driver training school must be licensed for a minimum of 2 years and actively conducted a driver education course consisting of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind the wheel training.
  • The school owner and instructors must attend a training session conducted by DDS staff prior to being licensed as a third party tester
  • The range and road route utilized by the approved school must be submitted to DDS staff for approval.
  • All components of the range and road test administered at the DDS facility must be included in the testing route submitted for approval by the school.

Who can a third party tester test?
  • A student who has successfully completed the 30 and 6 program at the school who has been approved third party tester.
  • The student must have their Learner’s Permit for at least 1 year and 1 day.

Is there a cost for the test?
  • Georgia Law does not prohibit a third party tester school from assessing a fee for the road skills test.
  • DDS does not charge a fee for the actual test.

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