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DDS is pleased to offer these marketing materials free of charge. Items will be shipped regular mail in quantities of 10, 50 or 100. If you prefer to download, a link is provided for each item.

License to Drive Poster

This is a poster explaining License to Drive.

Picture of License to Drive poster

Online Services Brochure

This is a color tri-fold brochure explaining the convenience of using DDS Online Services.

Picture of Online Services brochure

Secure ID Brochure

This color brochure is a detailed explanation of Secure ID.

Picture of Secure ID brochure

Veterans Brochure

Picture of Veterans Brochure

This color brochure is about Georgia Veteran Driver's License.

Using Georgia's Driver's License and ID Card Barcode Brochure

Picture of Barcode Brochure

This color brochure is a detailed explanation of ways our business partners can utilize the information stored on the barcode on the back of licenses and IDs.

What You Need To Know About Your First Driver's License Brochure

Picture of Teen Driver Brochure

This tri-fold, color brochure lists the requirements and explains the licensing procedure for teens and their parents.

Skip a Trip Flyer

Skip A Trip Flyer

This color flyer lists the new ways that customers can submit their required documents to DDS.

Reinstate & Pay Online Brochure

Reinstate and Pay Online

This tri-fold brochure explains the new Online Reinstatement and Suspension services options.

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