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Image of the Class D to C Upgrade Postcard
Class D to C Upgrade

To qualify for upgrading your Class D license to a Class C license online:

  1. You hold a regular Class D license.
  2. You have had or are within 7 days of having your 18th birthday.
  3. Your Class D or Class DM license is not Suspended, Cancelled or Revoked.
  4. You must be a Georgia resident.
  5. You must be a US Citizen.

Your renewed or replaced license or identification card should be delivered within 30 days.

All customers who wish to utilize our enhanced Internet Services must establish a Customer Account. This account can be used to conduct an Internet Service, obtain information specific to your driving record and check the status of your order. Customers who set up an account prior to 12/2010 or were required to enter a RIN to renew their Driver's License or Identification Card must also set up a new Customer Account to use our enhanced process.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


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