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Many Georgia courts already electronically file convictions to DDS each month in a variety of formats but the majority of courts remain paper filers. DDS has completed implementing a more secure and accurate method of electronic file transmission from the courts to DDS that includes a uniform format and protocol that must be used by all courts desiring to file electronically. All current electronic filing courts must also convert from the old format and submission method to this new format and protocol. The new electronic reporting process utilized by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), which is called the Georgia Electronic Conviction Processing System (GECPS), requires each court to submit convictions in a standard format, and then correct and resubmit any convictions containing errors. and also GECPS also offers the option to file Failure to Appear (FTA) documents and the FTA release for Georgia drivers electronically as well. DDS will continue to accept and process hardcopy convictions from non-electronic Georgia courts, but strongly recommends those courts explore moving to electronic filing as quickly as possible to be in compliance with O.C.G.A. 40-5-53.

Jurisdictions with multiple courts must register each individual NCIC number if you wish to begin submitting convictions through GECPS using multiple NCIC numbers. If you will be using only one NCIC number, then only register the one you plan to use. [Refer to the sub-section on National Crime Information Center (NCIC) / Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Numbers for additional information regarding valid NCIC numbers.] To begin this process, you must register at the DDS GECPS Court Registration link on our website. Each court must obtain the front-end software solution to properly record, accurately format, and electronically transmit citation data to DDS. DDS does not provide software for case management, data entry of convictions, or electronic file transmission. See Specifications and Recommendations in the GECPS User Implementation Guide. Click on the link below to review required SFTP Specifications for transmission.

DDS urges each court to register your court with DDS and to download a current copy of the User Implementation Guide. After you register, a representative from the DDS’ Information Technology Division will contact you to provide additional instructions and information. Please check our web page frequently for updates to this guide.


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