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Georgia Electronic Conviction Processing System

Welcome to the GECPS site. Our goal is to provide clear and timely information and better service to our court customers. Please visit this site often, as it will contain the most current information from our agency regarding the electronic processing of convictions.


Current electronic courts may begin testing for GECPS 2 on May 14, 2007. The new Implementation Guide is now available. Courts that have already registered for GECPS but are NOT in production must contact DDS support at Courts that have not registered for GECPS should see below.

All courts are requested to submit their contact information to DDS even if they are not yet ready to register for GECPS.  This process will allow us to provide your court with the most up-to-date information via e-newsletters and e-broadcasts informing your court about new legistation and how it would affect future court business.  Please provide your court contact information before registering for GECPS.  Previously registered courts should verify and only enter changes through the link "Update GECPS Registration".

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